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Against the Eldest Flame

Zombies, Zeppelins, and Talking Nazi Gorillas: Doc Vandal in Against the Eldest Flame. Now Available at the Amazon Kindle Store


Price of Imperium

Galactic survival depends on a single homeless man: Price of Imperium, Now Available at the Amazon Kindle Store



A thief, a Warrior, a Prophecy: Amadar. Now Available at the Amazon Kindle Store


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My name is Dave Robinson and I’m a writer.  I almost feel that I should stand up at the front of the room to say that. This site is my soapbox; it’s where I share the things I love, and rant about what drives me crazy. If you like what you see, please check out my work, which you can find here.


Dave Robinson  @JustPlainTweets And the outcry over the Batwoman/Maggie non-marriage should have been a clue, too. 
Dave Robinson  RT @adrianbriggs: People who argue against evolution are generally arguing against something that bears no resemblance whatsoever to evolut… 
Dave Robinson  @FotoCub @CubReporterK They really need to go for the "everyone with money" audience - big line means room for much diversity